Interesting Facts About Bill Gates

Interesting Facts About Bill Gates
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We love entrepreneurs, one of the most famous Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975 with Paul Allen. Want to become the world’s largest computer software company and succeed. He’s also an author, public speaker, an extremely prominent philanthropist. This time we’re taking a look at 15 interesting facts about bill gates.

1. Bill Has Been The Richest Man In The Forbes For 17 Years

He’s been the richest man in the Forbes for 17 years. We may as well start with the big bucks. He hasn’t been the richest man for 17 years running with a few breaks along the way but he has been on that list more than anyone else. As of 2017, he is currently the richest man in the world with Spanish retailer Amancio Ortega in second place. When he was young, he wanted to become a millionaire. By the time he turned 30 he managed to become a billionaire at 31. One of the interesting facts is that he didn’t make our list of the richest people who ever lived.

2. Bill Gates Is The Most Generous Person In The World

His charitable deeds make him the most generous person on earth. All that wealth has led to a lot of generosity. He is given away over $27 billion dollars throughout his life through the charitable organization he runs with his wife and has pledged to give 95% of his wealth to charitable causes throughout his life.

3. The First Computer Program He Wrote Was A Game Of Tic-Tac-Toe

The first computer program he wrote was a game of tic-tac-toe during his time at lakeside prep school. He created a program on the one General Electric computer that the school had. He was 13 at the time and his creativity led the school to give him the job of writing the computer code that scheduled classes. Gates abused his power slightly and made sure he put himself in all of the classes with the most girls. Despite dropping out of college bill was a very successful student, on his SATs he scored 1590 out of 1600.

4. In 1994, Gates Bought A Collection Of DA Vinci’s Writings For $31 Million

In 1994, gates bought a collection of Leonardo da Vinci’s writings for $31 million. The Kodak slicer was bought at auction by gates and it gives a unique insight into the mind of the great Renaissance artist and inventor. When he bought it, Gates had the pages scanned into digital copies which he published online for free so everyone has access to them. He even had them become Microsoft wallpaper and screensaver files. Since then it’s been on display around the world.

5. In The First 5 Years He Oversaw Microsoft Code And Corrected It If There Were Any Mistakes

In the first 5 years of Microsoft, Gates personally checked every line of code and rewrote it himself if there was an error. As a skilled programmer Gates was able to oversee every aspect of his small company in the early years. At this point, they were still operating from a house in Bellevue Washington. Around 20 years later, Jeff Bezos would find Amazon in Bellevue too.

6. His Net Worth Is $80+ Billion But His Kids Will Only Inherit $10 Million Each

He’s got a net worth of over $80 billion, but gates are leaving $10 million to each of his children. Rather than sharing his entire fortune equally. His children receive relatively small inheritances. Gates is said to have said, “Leaving children huge sums of money is no favor for them,” so he’s literally putting his money where it is. It’s an interesting decision, especially since the children are expected to be worth billions. Just hypothetically, if Bill Gates was a country, he’d be the 63rd richest country in the world. Four to five times richer than North Korea.

7. When Steve Jobs Was Dying Of Cancer, Gates Wrote Him A Letter And He Kept It Beside His Bed

When Steve Jobs was dying of cancer, Gates wrote him a letter and he kept it by his bed. They were famous rivals, but the two also had a strong bond and spent a lot of time together while Jobs was dying. Gates insists there was no need to make peace with jobs. We weren’t at war, we were making great products, and the competition was always positive. Gates stole Microsoft from jobs that’s how they all got started. Regarding the accusations of stealing bill once said it’s like we both had this rich neighbor called Xerox and when I broke in to steal his TV, I found out that you already stole it.

8. Gates Has An Honorary Knighthood From The Queen But Cannot Call Himself ‘Sir’

Gates is an honorary knight to the queen but cannot be called sir. Gates received this honor from the Queen in 2005 and apparently discussed computers with her. You have to be British to be able to call yourself sir ordained. So, Gates’s American citizenship means he can’t enjoy this aspect of a knighthood but he does get to use the initials KBE after his name.

9. He Has Promised $100k To Whoever Creates The Next Gen Condom

He has promised $100k to whoever creates the next generation condom. Whichever scientist is the first to create a condom, which quotes significantly preserves or enhances pleasure, will receive a big check from gates as a thank you. One of the main focuses of the Gates Foundation is access to health care around the world. So, a condom people actually want to use would protect a lot of people from STI’s. Besides that, the men on a mission to have no poor countries in the world by 2035.

10. At His Wedding To Melinda French, Bill Rented Out Every Hotel Room In The Hotel To Ensure Privacy

During his marriage to Melinda, French Bill rented out every hotel room in the hotel to ensure privacy. The wedding budget was clearly vast and the money was buying privacy when they got married in Hawaii. The Gates chartered every helicopter on the island and booked the entire hotel. So, no journalists or interested parties could eavesdrop.

11. Gates’s Home Has A Super Intelligent OS That Can Be Customized By His Guests

Gates’ house has a super-smart operating system that can be customized by its guests. If you’re lucky enough to be invited into his Washington state. Nicknamed Zandu 2.0 you’re asked to wear a pin badge that will adjust lighting temperature and music to their liking. You can change the artwork with a button and there is a trampoline room too. Owning such an amazing home comes at a price. He’s paying $1 million per year in property taxes for his house speaking of taxes.

12. In 2006, The IRS Used A Special Computer To Calculate Gates’s Taxes

In 2006, the IRS used a special computer to calculate Gates’s taxes. His tax returns can’t be processed on a normal computer. Thus, they can accommodate all these zeros. No one knows, which operating system this particular computer uses but we hope it’s Microsoft and not Linux.

13. MS Outlook’s Profile Placeholder Is Based On Bill’s 77 Mugshot

The profile placeholder image for Microsoft Outlook 2010 is based on Bill Gates’s 1977 mugshot. Gates was arrested for speeding and driving without a license in Mexico when he was 21. Immediately paying his bail from his wallet and had a smiling mugshot. The outline of this mugshot became the basis of the placeholder image for Microsoft’s email program.

14.  In 1998, Bill Gates Was Earning About $1 Million Every Hour

In 1998, Bill Gates was making about $ 1 million per hour. This equates to $300 every second and an hourly rate most of us could never even dream of. This is where thee it wouldn’t be worth it for him to bend over and pick up a thousand-dollar bill joke comes from but bills are really not that type of guy. He continued to fly coach up until 1997 even though at the time he was worth $36 billion.

15. Gates Has Patented A Weather-Controlling Machine

Gates has patented a weather-controlling machine. The machine doesn’t stop it from raining so that Gates can go on his private beach it’s a bit bigger than that. The machine pumps cold water into the ocean and attempts to block or at least lessen hurricanes. Speaking of machines, he recently financed one that turns poop into water.

Bill Gates is truly an amazing man and not just because he changed the world with his technology, but because of his many charitable acts. Suggested he saved five million lives by funding vaccines around the world. If you are a billionaire like Bill what would your priorities be. Would you be in the office for twenty hours a day working on new inventions or would you be taking Lamborghinis for test drives all day.

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